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Atomic Heist is an 2D top-down action rogue-like sci-fi shooter. You must retrieve the core preventing the enemies from making a doomsday device with it. Use power-ups to enhance your ship, weaken the enemies, and more.

After you grab the core you must fight your way out from the alien infested space station. Atomic Heist includes multiple unlockable ships and upgrades. The different ammo types affect enemies differently, the player will need to carefully manage ships, power ups and ammo types to successfully complete the game.

For the best game experience a game controller is preferred.


Install instructions

Atomic Heist is still in beta and you may encounter bugs.


AtomicHeistBeta3.zip 121 MB

Development log


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So far Ive found the beta for Atomic Heist to be super solid. The 2D shooting mechanics work as you'd expect and are pretty fluid/smooth without being too easy. You can dodge most of the bullets coming at you, but certainly not fast enough to lazily strafe away from them all. 

The Levels themselves do a nice job of steadily ramping up with new enemy weapons, upgrades, and environments that you need to be aware of. 

My only major thought was that many of the weapons Ive encounters aside from the big blasting ones felt pretty weak. Thus rendering them not very useful since you expend most of your ammo killing just a pair of enemy ships. 

Otherwise it felt robust and very close to completion. Nice work. For those interested you can see a preview video I created about the game here (Just a reminder that this is the beta edition and the game may change dramatically from the time of recording):